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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news. a frantic search for three missing college students vanishing while on the campus calling for help mentioning water. referendum. crucial elections in three states. can sarah palin and other republicans claim a comeback begins today? it's one year since the obama election. former vice president al gore joins us. runaway cars. toyota blamed floor mats for accelerating accidents. abc news has investigated with stunning results. and the time of her life. patrick swayze's wife, lisa
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niemi on the love story and lessons about grief as she joins us ahead. and it's so good to have you with us. good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this tuesday, november 3rd, 2009. another election day. >> not exactly super tuesday but a few tight races across the country closely being watched for what could be an indication of the country's political mood and the obama administration. >> new jersey and virginia and a special congressional election has vice president biden in a public sparring match with sarah palin. for more to john berman. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, diane. from watertown, new york, where the polls are now open. this is ground zero for one of the most contentious races in the country. it's also the site of the latest debate between joe biden and sarah palin. palin versus biden. sound familiar? no, not a replay of last year
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but proof that in the final minutes of this campaign the big guns are showing up big time. the neck and neck governor's race has pundits buzzing and presidents calling. >> hi, this is president obama. i want to apologize for disturbing you. >> reporter: voters in virginia also with the key governors' race. you have a call on line one. >> virginia, hello. this did sarah palin. calling to urge you to go to the polls tuesday and vote to share our principles. >> reporter: down to the last minute, the political "a" list was hitting the campaign trail and frankly hitting each other. take the battle over new york's 23rd congressional district. sarah palin is supporting conservative candidate douglas hoffman which somehow made the vice president think of oil. >> the fact of the matter is sarah palin thinks the answer to energy was drill, baby, drill. no, it's a lot more complicated, sarah. than drill, baby, drill. >> reporter: palin's response on facebook. there's only one way to tell
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vice president biden that we're tired of folks in washington distorting our message and hampering our nation's progress, hoffman, baby, hoffman. so what's with the 2008 instant replay? for biden, it may be to avert political pain. >> these races may be determined entirely local factors but if the republicans manage a sweep, it will be interpreted as a loss for the president. >> reporter: for palin, political positioning. >> she's becoming a cultural phenomenon and whether or not she runs for the presidency, she's going to have a lot of voice and national dialogue. >> reporter: a voice that has some key republicans listening? >> she's the only thing that provided any kind of a spark for the republican party. this is not endorisment but i do have profound respect for sarah palin. >> reporter: so much high profile politicking with just a few races around the country. next year at this time there's a full-scale midterm election. imagine the mayhem then.
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diane? >> okay, thanks to you, john. coming up i'll be speaking with a man who knows a thing or two about politics former vice president al gore. has a new book out and a new call to arms. but now, robin has more on the disappearance of the student. >> three women are all teammates on the solve ball team. sunday night they were on a drive not far from their economist, west of bismarck, north dakota. but that's the last time anyone heard from them. now a massive search is under way. in a moment i'll talk to the father of one of the missing students but first abc's jeremy hubbard with more on this mystery. >> reporter: friends, family and members of the dickinson state university softball team gathered in prayer for three missing students and star solve ball players, kristen, ashley and afton as investigators try to unravel the mystery of their disappearance sunday night. >> it's believed that they were out star gazing, it's a rural farming ranching area.
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>> reporter: investigators say one of the girls made a cell phone call just before midnight on sunday frantically asking for help. >> said to be a call for assistance, a request for help from the girls. >> reporter: according to the sheriff, they said something about water. the friend heard some hysterical noises and then the phone went dead. investigators say they're looking for a 1997 white jeep cherokee with california license plates. >> there were air and land searches conducted yesterday. those will continue in the morning. >> reporter: for now all police have is a cell phone call to trace from the girls who friends and family say loved softball and their families, girls they say wouldn't run off and constantly kept in touch. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> and joining us now on the phone is lanika marr. his daughter is missing. i know you arrived with your wife, kirsten's mother from the
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west coast. i know the search is going to resume at first light. what are authorities telling you? >> well, at this point the search is, you know, ongoing. they haven't found anything that i'm aware of, no tire tracks, no clothing, no -- nothing at all to give us any indication where the girls ended up. >> we heard star gazing. they were out. something they would normally do together like that. >> yeah, that was something they commonly would do. you know, weekend, evenings, dickinson is a pretty small town. doesn't have a real active night life, but, you know, a lot of times the players would just go out and kind of hang out by the lake and just look up at the stars and, you know, chat about the things that teenagers will chat about. >> you said hang out by the lake. the friend that received the call said they said something about water so i'd imagine they have searched the lake. have you been able to talk to that friend to get any more details? >> no, i have not. when we landed, it was pretty
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plate late. we got in 10:15. met at the airport by a representative of the university who had been keeping in contact with me all day long to keep us posted and also the sheriff and we were given a private briefing at the airport once we landed to ju bring us up to date on what they'd tried to do so far and to just get more information from us that might help them in finding them. >> you don't suspect that they could have run off or anything -- give us more of an indication of what your daughter is like. to help in the search for her. >> well, our daughter is, you know, she's an avid softball player. i mean she lives for softball. school really, i hate to say this but school is secondary. it's a means to an end. she goes to school and gets good grades so she can play. >> police say they do not suspect foul play. i know that you are desperately hoping for the same. what is leading them in that direction, do you think?
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>> i believe it's just the nature of the fact that only half an hour after they had left the off-campus apartment, the two emergency calls came in. they were cut off in midcall. there was nothing to indicate that there was an assailant or anything like that going on. it just comes across as sounding more like an accident of some kind. >> well, i know that you are anxiously awaiting word as are we and, of course, we hope that you are going to receive some good news very soon, lenny. thank you and please give kirsten's mother our best. >> thanks. >> all right. now chris is here with the other headlines including new promises from afghanistan's president this morning. good morning, chris. >> that is right. good morning, robin, diane, good morning, everyone. after the winning election by default president hamid karzai this morning inaugurated his second term promising to unify afghanistan and even more important to the u.s. he vowed to crack down on the corruption that has undermined his credibility. the question now, will he deliver? on the phone president obama told karzai the proof will be in
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actions taken not words spoken. white house officials say the president's decision on sending more troops to afghanistan could still be a few weeks away. a new war of words in the nuclear standoff with this morning. the supreme leader cuomo ayatollah khomeini. they called for tehran to ship most of its nuclear material abroad for processing. flying home for the holidays got more expensive. five major airlines, american, u.s. airways, delta among others are doubling their surcharge from 20 to $40. around thanksgiving and running through new year's. here it comes. the philly has a big win in the world series. second baseman chase utley led the attack against the yankees last night blasting two home runs. the man is a machine.
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wound up winning 8-6. it is now 3-2. yankees game six tomorrow at yankees stadium. a possible x factor could be karma fallout from this philadelphia inquirer ad out monday for macy's. accide accidentally in quotes that's their word not mine pushing t-shirts that say phillies, world champions. >> ha could happen. >> the paper has apologized, not to me but -- that's the news at 7:10. what a game. two great teams got to love them. red, notice, okay. >> tranquilizing tea for tonight. >> five home runs. >> he's a machine and good hair. >> let's go to sam champion. he's got the weather. sam? >> notice when everybody is tied up they're both good teams. that's -- until then, everybody was choosing sides. we are live in lincoln center. it's a big morning here on "gma" with carrie underwood in the venue but let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to
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talk about. quickly we'll start with the midwest and though it's dry in the midwest there is still flooding problems there. why? last week's heavy rain? 41 river gauges from iowa to illinois to missouri to arkansas flooding with floodwaters. quincy to cape girardeau, you're all involved. temperatures are warm and sunny. actually beautiful. looking at many cities like phoenix at 91. 94 is normal. l.a. at 80. san francisco at 72. 7 degrees above normal. with denver, 59 after last week's foot of snow. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast just 30 seconds away. >> and we are live in lincoln
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center on a gorgeous morning in new york city and a concert you won't want to miss. diane? >> thanks to you. a lot on the agenda for america from the elections to the big conference on the climate. coming up in copenhagen soon and to discuss it all former vice
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president gore joining us. he has a book that follows up on his best-seller "an inconvenient truth" called "our choice: a plan to solve the climate crisis on recycled paper, 1,513 trees saved" in the publication of this book, i understand. good to have you with us. good to see you. can't let the morning go by without asking, today is a referendum on the obama's presidency, they say, nine months of it and rebellion against big government intrusion. do you agree? >> well, i'm one who strongly believes that the voters ought to decide this and they're voting today. god bless them and i prefer to let them make the decision and we can talk about it tomorrow. whatever happens. >> you have said that -- you didn't rule out exactly -- someday might re-enter politics. >> i doubt that very seriously. i'm a recovering politician now. i'm on step nine now.
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>> might lure you back. might lure you back. i do want to turn to the whole question of the global conference coming up in copenhagen and the importance of it which i know you say it's a crossroads. this is it. in december a year ago president obama, not then president obama came out of a meeting with you and committed to this issue saying it's a matter of complete urgency. let's take a look. >> we all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now, that this is a matter of urgency and national security, and it has to be dealt with in a serious way. that's what i intend my administration to do. >> yet we have no word yet that he's going to go to the conference. does he have to go to the conference and what does he have to do there? >> well, i think that -- i hope that he does go and this conference is really crucial, first, because the scientists have been saying for quite some time we still have time to avoid
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the worst of the consequences of this cataclysm that is now unfolding but we don't have a lot of time and this is the best opportunity. so i hope they will go but already -- >> you have no personal commitment from him? >> he hasn't told me that he will go but i feel certain that he will. some other heads of state are going. and, you know, our country is regarded as the natural leader of the world. i don't think that's false pride as an american. the rest of the world just sees us that way. president obama has already committed an enormous amount in his green stimulus, his epa has issued regulations requiring the reduction of co2, all large emitters will have to publicly report their co2 emissions starting january 1st and i believe that the -- that there is an excellent chance that the senate will pass legislation before copenhagen which will strengthen his hand. >> you know the objections that
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have been raised. for one thing, china, together the u.s. and china produced 40% of the world's pollution, co2 pollution. the majority now by china and everyone keeps saying how can you go and have the u.s. commit to controls when china is not doing the same thing? what's the point? >> well, actually in the last three years china has done a u-turn. their still opening a lot of coal plants but will be the number one solar power and wind power in the world by next year. they're building the largest super grid in the world. they're planning 2 1/2 times more trees than the rest of the world complienged and evaluating officials on the basis of how effective they are in reducing co2. >> but still the major polluter. >> still they are and their economy is growing. but they are engineering a major shift toward renewable energy. last week there was a story that -- this huge wind farm in texas is purchasing windmills
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100% made in china and the chinese government is providing most of the financing. we need to see this opportunity as a chance for the u.s. to create millions of good new jobs here at home and reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by relying on energy that's here in the united states, renewable energy that creates jobs that can't be outsourced. >> another objection you see and it brings laughs always, but it's a constant one and it's from those who are doubters about what's needed to be done about methane and the amount of methane dimmickly put that cows produce and how damaging it is, 20 times more damaging it is than co2. here's glenn beck giving you a challenge about cows and methane. >> i'm siding with peta on this one. once again asking al gore if you really want to save the planet, al, why don't you put down the
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cheeseburger and pick up the veggie burger. time for maybe soy mill and tofurkey. >> well, you know, there is a serious issue about the connection between the growing meat intensity of diets around the world and damage to the environment. that is a legitimate issue. and like a lot of people, i eat less meat now than i used to. i'm not a vegetarian, don't plan to become one, but it's a healthy choice to eat more vegetables than fruits. so it's not a laughable issue. diet is an issue that's connected but the biggest issue by far is co2 and methane comes from a lot of sources including -- it is the principal component of natural gas, coal mines, rice, a lot of sources and it plays a somewhat larger role than scientists thought in the past. >> so tofurkey for you? >> i don't plan to. no thanks.
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>> cannot let you go. in "the new york times" we're picking up a front page story, spotlight on gore's dual role and do not question your commitment to these issues about the environment. but they say you are about to become perhaps the world's first carbon billionaire because of the amounts of money that you've made from your investments, from your green investment. >> they don't say that. that quote is from one of the deniers and that is certainly not true. but i am proud to put my money where my mouth has been for 30 years and though that's not the majority of my business activity, i absolutely believe in investing in accordance with my beliefs and values and i recommend that everybody do. i think that our country will be successful by making a choice to switch toward renewable energy. diane, how long are we going to stay on this roller coaster of foreign oil prices going away --
7:20 am
way up and when we get ready to make a commitment to get off then they drop the price again until we relax and then they jack it up again? the rate of new discoveries is declining even as the demand is growing around the world. this roller coaster is headed for a crash and we're in the front car. we need to protect our national security, create more jobs here at home and solve the climate crisis and do right by our kids. >> thank you very much, mr. vice president. for being here, it is our choice. it's about the solutions at if you want to read excerpts of the book. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up runaway cars. an incredible investigation of what's going on. be aware of your surroundings. don't ignore obvious signs. stay hydrated at all times. get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. ♪ and don't worry-- lots of people live active lives with asthma.
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senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. good morning. mostly clear skies. some areas of patchy, thick
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fog. temperatures in the 30s. baltimore 39. we have thick fog around the 83 stretch. back this the mountains we have low 40s in hagerstown. we have ourselves high pressure trying to slide off in a hurry. a brief little warmup. most of us it is about the clear sky. the cold front will increase the clouds by mid afternoon. it is not going do much more than that but it will drop our temperatures for the second half of the week once we usher in the new air mass. increasing afternoon clouds then 61. we'll turn it back tonight dropping to 35. we are at the right of rush hour. delays stretch between 95 and providence road. westside you can see a slow down between 795 past the
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baltimore national pike. southbound 95 slow traffic. still have a couple incidents we are working around the area. southbound 95 crash currently blocking shoulder. essex westbound earn boulevard watermain break continues. that is blocking the right lane. looking at the jfx we have delays that stretch between the city county line and st. paul street. give yourself plenty of time this morning. we'll be right back with your morning news update next.
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good morning. women are being told to be on alert after a number of rapes across baltimore county. the most recent attacks happened over the weekend near bus stops. police believe the cases related. early friday morning police say a suspect threatened a woman in here 20s. she was raped in a field nearby. early saturday morning less than a mile away, a woman in
7:28 am
her 50s who just left a late night church service was raped. she was waiting for a bus. the news of the attacks has a lot of women on edge. >> i got my knife everywhere i go. and i carry a long hat pin. anything sharp. >> we want evyone to be mindful of your surroundings. be careful if you are approaching dimly lit areas late at night or early in the morning. >> police are investigating several rapes that might be linked to recent break-ins where the suspect has climbed in a fire escape through the window. if you have any information call the police department right away. we are getting new information this morning on the black and decker and stanley merge. stanley's ceo says fewer than 4,000 jobsill be cut. black and decker agreed yesterday to a $4.5 billion
7:29 am
purchase by stanley. a spokesperson with the local company says some 250 executives and corporate employees could loose their jobs. officials say the combined company's corporate headquarters will remain in connecticut. we'll have a full report coming up for you at 9:00. that will do it for us right now. we'll have another update in 30 minutes. until then keep watching "good morning america" in new york.
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911 emergency, what are you reporting? >> our accelerate ser stuck. wooary in trouble. we have no brakes. >> you don't have the ability to turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approaching the intersection. we're approaching the intersection. hold on, pray. >> a dramatic 911 call from the driver of a runaway car, toyota blames floor mats, but could something else be causing the cars to suddenly accelerate? this morning, it's an abc news investigation. brian ross is here with that. as we say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning, i'm robin roberts here with sdpn diane. >> also coming up in this half hour, the trial has begun for the man accused of killing anchorwoman anne pressly. but are there complications?
7:31 am
we tell you about what's going to happen in court. also, patrick swayze's widow, lisa niemi, joins us live to share their enduring love story. how she's coping with the loss of the love in her life and that's in our next half hour. but first that abc news investigation of a serious auto safety issue. you saw those pictures, heard that 911 call. disturbing reports that some cars made by toyota have surged out of control suddenly accelerating to speeds of more than 100 miles per hour and abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the latest. brian? >> good morning, diane. some call them runaway toyotas talking about an estimated 2,000 cases of toyota cars including camrys, priuses and lexuss surging without warning at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. the company and the government blame it all on floor mats or driver error but now a number of toyota owners are coming forward claiming there's much more to it than that.
7:32 am
a kind of toyota rebellion smured on what happened on this highway in august. >> our accelerator is stuck. we're in trouble. there's no brakes. >> reporter: california highway patrol officer mark sailor was in a 2009 lexus with his wife, daughter and brother-in-law as the car raced out of control at 100 miles an hour. the brother-in-law called 911 from the backseat. >> we're approaching the intersection. >> we're apreching the intersection. hold on, pray. >> reporter: all four died after the lexus hit a vehicle, crashed into an embankment and burst into flames. in tokyo, the president of toyota formally apologized. "i offer my deepest condolences," he says. toyota said it was the wrong sized all weather rubber floor mat in the car which caught and held down the gas pedal. the company ordered a huge floor mat recall and to the outrage of some toyota owners, the federal government said that should
7:33 am
solve the problem. >> i'm absolutely certain that in my situation it was not the floor mats. >> reporter: outside denver elizabeth james' toyota prius suddenly shot up to 90 miles an hour even though she says her foot was on the brake, not the gas pedal. >> i kept going faster and faster and all of a sudden i was -- my foot was pressing on the brake super, super hard and i wasn't slowing down. my car just kept accelerating and it wasn't until i landed in the river that it stopped. >> reporter: in the california mojave desert paul had just passed a car and said his toyota highlander surged to almost 100 miles an hour. their car did not even have the floor mats involved in the recall. you're certain there was nothing underneath the gas pedal. >> i looked. i looked i bent over and looked. no, there was nothing. >> reporter: auto safety analyst sean kahne says he has tracked reports of runaway toyotas
7:34 am
through lawsuits, police reports and complaints to the federal government and found more than 200 accidents and at least a dozen deaths. >> the data clearly tells us there is something going on. >> reporter: there is growing suspicion by some owners about a glitch of some kind in the electronic computer system used in toyotas that controls the throttle and safety analyst kahne says complaints of speed surges shot up after the system was put into use in 2002. >> this can't be explained solely by floor mats. >> reporter: toyota officials would net agreed to be interviewed but posted this statement online from an executive discounting reports of an electronic glitch. >> there is no evidence to support these theories. >> reporter: but many toyota owners remain unconvinced. their fears confirmed by the tragic accident in san diego. >> i just winced and my first thought was my worst nightmare is coming true that toyota ignored us. they blew off the problem and
7:35 am
that now people have died because of it. >> reporter: so far no one has been able to re-create the kind of electronic computer glitch that would cause the car to take off and the national highway traffic administration said it found no defects but many angry toyota owners say there is no other way to explain what happened to them. >> whatever is causing it, behind it, what do you do? >> there are very specific things you can do. we went to a test track in connecticut run by consumers union where the car driver shows us what to do. they say if for whatever reason the car takes off try to shift the car into neutral. that is not always so easy but that's the most important thing. they actually urge people to take a trial run shifting your car into neutral. do not -- do not tap the brakes. don't tap them. press them down hard. if you tap them you could lose control of the braking power according to the test experts
7:36 am
that we talked to. as well, they say don't turn off the car because if you do that, you lose the power steering and the power brakes. >> right, right, right. >> so don't tap the brakes. press down and try to get the car in neutral. >> the emergency brake? >> that's what many of the drivers have done. had to put on the emergency brake and push down the brakes and still got the car only down to about 20 or 30 miles an hour. most cars except for a few german cars most cars when you push the brake it does not stop the acceleration. the german cars, that's what happen, automatically cuts offer the acceleration and a change some say toyota should immediately consider. >> this is terrifying. thank you. >> you can see more of brian's investigation later on abc's "world news with charles gibson" and on the blotter at it has been one year since little rock anchorwoman ann presley was brutally raped and murdered. now jury selection is under way in the trial of the man accused
7:37 am
in that crime killing which traumatized the entire community. our barbara pinto joins us from little rock with the latest. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, robin. attorneys have only managed to seat four jurors. the tremendous publicity surrounding this trial making that a challenge and they called in a larger than normal pool of prospective jurors. they'll try here again today. 28-year-old curtis van stands accused of the brutal rape and murder of ann pressly. she was a well-known figure in little rock. it left the city reeling. >> our hearts are heavy tonight after learning that our own ann pressly died earlier this evening. >> reporter: now her high-profile life led to a high-profile trial. only 1 juror out of 100 said she had not heard of the case. >> the $700 billion bailout
7:38 am
plank. >> reporter: it began in 2008 when she didn't answer her wake-up call. she was home barely alive nearly unrecognizable by her mother. she explained the horror to abc news correspondent jim avila. >> came into her bedroom and found ann right here. i just could not take in what i was seeing. >> reporter: it was pretty bad. >> it was very bad. >> reporter: were you able to speak to her. >> i said, ann, ann, ann, momma is here. what's happened. i said, ann, who did this to you? >> reporter: for five days friends and family held on to hope as pressly clung to life. so badly injured she was unable to even describe her assailant to police. eventually investigators used pressly's stolen credit card and other evidence to track down vance. >> you took our friend. >> reporter: police say vance gave a series of convoluted confessions and dna matched evidence found at pressly's home. they have now linked that dna to another home robbery and brutal rape in vance's hometown.
7:39 am
>> there was sexual assault in both cases so it's similar in crime. we believe that this individual's goal probably was robbery. >> reporter: vance has pled not guilty in both cases. hit defense lawyers claim police tricked vance into giving up the dna samples and the confessions. >> did you kill ann pressly? >> reporter: now, opening arguments are expected here later this week. vance faces a number of charges among them capital murder. if convicted he could face the death penalty. robin? >> thank you, barbara, so much. live in little rock this morning. it is now 7:39 and sam is in new york's lincoln center getting ready for the big carrie underwood concert. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. robin, perfect day, gorgeous lincoln center. carrie underwood all in one, one convenient location here on "gma" and, robin, i know you'll be here pretty soon so the crowd is here. we have a little bit of weather to talk about this morning. let's get to the boards.
7:40 am
start with pictures, well, flooding pictures. real flooding going on in kind of louisiana, arkansas area. start with pictures out of bossier city. some of the worst flooding in had area in 20 years. skies are dry today but there still will be river flooding and take a few days for the water to get down. to the boards, show you what's going on. it is completely dry in that area today. all the area highlighted in red where the flooding is. you can see we have dry skies because the big area of high pressure through the middle of the country. interesting thing about the jet stream being up high all these little bitty weather systems that cruise. all across the northern states and allow the southwest to wall up. salt lake, 78 degrees.
7:41 am
>> all that weather -- all that weather was brought to you by campbell's soup. are you ready for a little concert in a little while? all right. robin? >> can't wait to join you. it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful tuesday morning. coming up next, so just how much are health insurance companies really spending on your health care? we investigate coming up. no additives you can't pronounce. no artificial ingredents of any kind. select harvest from campbell's now has twelve soups that are 100% natural. all the farm raised godness you want, none of the chemical stuff you don't. with ingredients we want to show the world. select harvest from campbell',/ an arm of gold. a feather corsage.
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now to an eye-opening new report on just how much health insurance companies are really spending on your medical care. "gma weekend" angst corps kate snow has an exclusive first look at the results of a revealing new congressional investigation. >> that's right, robin. good morning. back in august senator jay rockefeller asked 15 of the biggest health insurance companies for information about how much of your monthly premium actually goes toward medical care. the companies wouldn't give him much information saying it was confidential, proprietary so his investigators went around the companies and dug up some surprising figures. you're looking at insurance lane. hangars for luxury jets own the by the nation's largest insurance companies former cigna executive wendell potter used to ride on one. >> there's a flight attendant who will serve you breakfast, lunch or a snack or a drink, often it'll be on china is gold rimmed. >> reporter: part of your
7:46 am
premium dollar is pang for it all along with the ceos' multimillion dollar salaries. how much of your dollar goes to that versus actual medical care. the industry long pointed to date that 87 cents you spend on premium goes toward actual medical care but after months of digging rockefeller's digging found that the average for the top six insurance companies is closer to 82 cents on medical care. a difference worth billions of doll dollars and for plans bought by individuals rather than big companies, the percent is even lower. with coventry, the committee says only 66 cents of an individual's premium dollar goes for medical care. a huge chunk according to rockefeller is spent analyzing claims. >> either avoiding or trying to get rid of any individuals or customers that might cost more money than they take in in premiums. >> reporter: in other words, sick people, people like the
7:47 am
wife of small business owner bruce hetrich, he was priced out when she got cancer. >> a few months before our death our health insurance renewal came up. lo and behold, the quoted increase was a whopping 28%. that would have been devastating to our company and our employees. >> an industry group argues that you can't judge the quality of health care based on one single number. the nonmedical costs in every dollar they say can include beneficial things like cost savingmans u. fraud reduction or 24-hour nurses and again they insist that the overall industry rate is that 87 cents of a dollar, the first figure we showed you, reached out to all six. cigna was the only one to respond and say their numbers are even better than 87%. >> outrageous. absolutely outrageous. >> this is what senator rockefeller is continuing to dig on. >> thank you for looking into it, kate. appreciate that. we'll be right back. ♪
7:48 am
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7:52 am
said, got some explaining to do. it could happen. >> coming up as we know, patrick swayze's widow will be here with the lessons that she's learned. carrie underwood is going to be singing very soon. stay tuned. we'll be back. (moviegoers coughing, sneezing, blowing noses) (announcer) you knw you're .gonna need it. why not stock .up for less? walmart has unbeatable prices on everything your family needs for r cold and flu season. save money. lie better. walmart.
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good morning. 8:56 on the clock. temperatures pulling out of the 30s. clear skies at parkville middle school. we are looking at patchy fog around the 83 stretch out by the bridges and the bay. temperature are responding to sun. it is all about the sunshine we'll have this morning. a weak cold front back to the
7:57 am
west. it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. however, it will bring in cloud and a much cooler air mass to follow for the rest of the week. today look for sunny morning giving way to increasing clouds by 3:00 we should turn mostly cloudy. temperature reaching two-degree guaranteed high of 61. we'll fall back tonight into the mid 30s. more clouds tomorrow afternoon with a high of 54. wave big slow down here on the outer loop of the beltway. this is between 95 and valley road. give yourself extra time this morning. two new crashes one at baltimore and liberty heights. emergency crews on the scene. in essex we have a watermain break blocking the right lane
7:58 am
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8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with the time of their lives. patrick swayze's widow, lisa niemi joins us to talk about their enduring love story, their final days together and the lessons she's learned. also, more from "ally mcbeal" reunion. calista flockhart reveals what she really thinks of the character that made her a cultural icon. ♪ good time >> and nashville comes to new york city. grammy winner and country music sensation carrie underwood performs live only on "gma." ♪ one and only candy coated misery ♪ ♪ a devil this disguise
8:01 am
>> the song that stay withes you. "cowboy casanovcasanova." i'm robin roberts with diane sawyer on this tuesday, november 3rd. it's got the family and friends plan here in the studio with us this morning. standing room only. >> say hello, everyone. >> this is your moment. >> usually downstairs but decided 0 come up. >> everybody heading over to carrie underwood shortly. and as you said, so much to learn from lisa niemi that joins us this morning since patrick swayze's death and we know that she has a lot of lessons for all of us about love, loss and how you return. >> i hope that you have a chance to read their book. i feel like i know you after reading the book. it's so, so encouraging, so open. also an encouraging message about getting by in difficult times. joel osteen is here to explain why even with the economy down this could be the best time of your life and chris will have a chance to talk with joel in our last half hour but chris with the headlines. talking about election day.
8:02 am
good morning, robin, diane. good morning, everyone. it is of course election day and voters head to the polls and president obama's influence is being put to an early test. he's campaigned vigorously for democrats in two governor races. new jersey's incumbent is running neck and neck with his challenger and the democratic candidate in virginia is trailing by double digits. meanwhile, in upstate new york congressional races draw on the attention of vice president biden and sarah palin. the spotlight is also on maine where there is a referendum on the state's same-sex marriage law. overseas afghanistan's newly re-elected president hamid karzai today promised to crack down on corruption that is undermining his government. white house officials are insisting karzai prove his credibility ahead of president obama's decision on troop levels. police in north dakota searching for three members of a college softball team missing since sunday. 30 minutes after the women left campus in a jeep they placed a frantic phone call to a friend saying they needed help. they mentioned water. but the call was cut off.
8:03 am
and 2 1/2 years after little madd maddie mccann disappeared british police released new images of what she would look like at her current age of 6 years old. in one photo she is blond. in another her hair and skin have been darkened. they hope these images will be spread everywhere on the internet. new results from the latest trial shows one dose of swine flu vaccine is enough to protect pregnant women against the virus. now, researchers say the 50 healthy pregnant women in the trial did not experience any unusual rates of side effects, but the results also show that children under the age of 10 still need two doses, two doses for them. that is the news at 8:03. it is time for the weather and mr. sam champion at one of the semiannual sam champion fan assemblies. >> good morning, chris. chris, if i got stuff to show you and i've got cool terms to share, as well. you are looking at the fountain
8:04 am
in lincoln center and we have carrie underwood back just in that direction behind us but let me tell you about the fountain here. generally this thing designed by the same folks who did the bellagio in las vegas, the wet folks so this -- that's their name, wet. they do fountains so this does tricks. i mean the inside just will go 40 feet high. the outside jets stay a constant 10 to 12 feet high when they want them to and can pulse it, do it to music. anything they want. here are the cool terms i wanted to tell you about. so inside there's they call these glassy and frothy water expressions. and those are not just fountain things called micro jets. all right. just want you to know. want you to be up on your fountain terminology. to the boards, one or two things going on. the small systems will cruise there over the next couple of days so while the rest of the country is dry, you will face
8:05 am
periodic moisture kind of moving through and steps down into cooler temperature. but it doesn't last long and it's not a washout. elsewhere around the nation on this -- many areas, election day, nice, dry, >> i'm just playing with the water here in lincoln center which by the way this is so much fun. we absolutely needed this in new york city a little water fun. >> you're just a big kid at heart. i'll join you soon out there, sam. thank you very much. thank you so much. >> come on.
8:06 am
patrick swayze died in september at the age of 57. after a valiant 22-month battle with pancreatic cancer and beat the odds outliving his initial prognosis by more than a year and a half and beat hollywood's odds rising to stardom as you know having one of entertainment's most enduring marriages, did it all with his lifelong love lisa niemi by his side and patrick wrote about this love story in their new book called "the time of my life." i'm going to talk to lisa live in just a moment but first an excerpt from the audio edition narrated by patrick. patrick swayze first leapt into our lives as johnny in "dirty dancing." it was an overnight success, a lifetime in the making beginning in his mother's dance studio in houston. patrick grew up dancing often showing off for the girls of the studio. >> so i was there when a particular 15-year-old girl with
8:07 am
long blond hair started showing up. >> reporter: lisa niemi knew his reputation as a casanova. >> she acted as cool as ever. then came the 0 moment we first danced together on stage and suddenly everything changed. >> reporter: the young lovers soon married and scraped by as dancers. lisa was, as always, at his side. >> she literally is my creative partner. feels like there is a real power between us, like a real chemistry like we're soul mates. >> reporter: the ultimate test came in 2008. patrick's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. >> i keep dreaming of a futu future -- a future with a long and healthy life, a life not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light. my dream that the word cure will no longer be followed by the words it's impossible. >> reporter: soon after patrick and lisa renewed their vows. patrick riding up on a white horse passionate until the end.
8:08 am
at the women's conference her first public appearance since patrick's death, lisa paid tribute to her husband's fighting spirit. >> cancer may have taken him but it never beat him. >> it never beat him. lisa niemi joins us now. how are you doing, lisa? >> i'm hanging in there, kiddo. when i'm good, i'm good and i'm going, oh, i'm so strong, i can't believe how well i'm doing but i forget that two hours earlier i was dissolved on the floor. if i'm good, i'm good. when i'm not, i'm not. >> roller coaster of emotions. well, it's good to have you here with us. this book is just -- it's beautiful. >> thank you. >> it really is and it is about his life. >> yes. >> you don't talk about his illness until the last chapter. what was it like for you both to reflect on the past because you strike me as two people, you know, you lived in the moment. you lived -- >> that's really interesting because a lot of people, they -- they're not dwelling in the past
8:09 am
and actually i'm the one with the elephant memory. i remember everything. so i'm very good at jogging memories. but it was very -- i mean i was so struck by how hard we'd always worked and actually -- and, of course, patrick was very candid like he's always is and i was -- i was struck by how hard we worked and also, you know, you can't help but learn some lessons from it also. for me personally it's, man, you know -- it must be the dancer in us because we're always working -- always had to be better, you know, type a personal. has to be better, bigger, you know, more clever, smarter. and sometimes you would get so wrapped up in doing that that you forget to smell the roses and enjoy some of the most -- we've had an incredible life. and together and you -- we got to really see that. >> it was an incredible life,
8:10 am
but also you're very honest in talking about the times. >> i don't know if it's a good thing. >> the drinking, the demons that you were separated for about a year though you text all the time during that period but did you ever, lisa, think that separation would be permanent? >> i -- when the separation happened, i had to be really forward to be permanent. it was a situation where i -- where, you know, we didn't feel like we had a choice. i didn't feel like i had a choice and did i love him still? absolutely. but i -- it just wasn't going to work any other way and like, you know, luckily to his credit, you know, things did turn around and in ray very, very good way eventually. >> you just couldn't see him in that state, what he was doing to himself during -- >> oh, no, and, you know, he was dangerous. he was a danger to everything around him and especially to himself and, you know, i was --
8:11 am
i, you know, it was going to kill him if he kept on going down that road. >> you said that you started the grieving process even before he died. >> oh, my gosh. you know, of course, i never showed him. >> sure. >> because i -- every time he looked at me i wanted him to know that he was okay and but, you know, pancreatic cancer, there is no cure. and, you know, the first thing he said to himself when he heard the diagnosis was i'm a dead man. so, you know, and, of course, we tried our best to be optimists, real lists and because you know what, hey, you know what, there's a reason why people do all these treatments because there is going to be that first person that makes it. >> why not you? >> absolutely. and so we're totally open for that happening but at the same time we know the deal. so it's like spending, you know, 22 months grieving but does that sadness compare to the actually losing somebody, it makes -- it
8:12 am
makes all that previous sadness look like an intellectual concept because when you lose someone, that kind of grief happens on a cellular level, you know. >> sure. >> yeah. >> it was so good of you to be there at the women's conference, was that last week in long beach, california? >> absolutely. >> but for you to be there on the panel with elizabeth edwards and others because it's something that -- we don't like to talk about. you know, people, you know, try and distance themselves but for you to say you look good but a couple hours ago you're in a state. >> yeah. >> but we -- is it helpful to talk about it? >> you know what, actually it really is, and doing that conference, it was -- you know, it was very hard. i was so exhausted afterwards because it took a lot out of me emotionally. but at the same time, it has been helpful to me to talk about it and, you know, it helps to
8:13 am
relieve this pressure cooker you're under but also i've -- in talking about it when there have been some other people who have lost people and it's helped them or they feel a connection and they feel like, oh, i can make it through this, then, hey, you know, it helps me talk about it. >> we're glad. >> being better for myself. >> i'm glad it helps you too. for those who admired and adored patrick, thank you for loving him the way you did. thank you for sharing that with us. >> i'm a lucky woman. >> he was too. thank you, lisa. all the best to you. blessings going forward and the time of my life on sale now. it is beautiful. it really is and you can read an excerpt on the book's page of our website at coming up next, the "ally mcbeal" reunion, calista flockhart on what made her character such a cultural icon when we come back. )
8:14 am
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8:18 am
it was quirky, it was inventive and it was a defining television show of its time. we're talking "ally mcbeal," the lawyer with the fantasy life dealing with the struggles of being a single woman every day. 12 years after its debut, 5 seasons are now out on dvd and this morning tom bergeron continues his conversation with the star calista flockhart and the show's creator david i.kelley. >> calista, what did it feel like for you for an actress portraying a character. ally mcbeal is on the cover of "time" magazine next to betty fordham, susan b. anthony and the headline, "is feminism dead?" how did that feel. >> the point they were trying to
8:19 am
make there wasn't a modern feminist woman to look towards and in some way it was oddly flattering that ally mcbeal was now who we are looking at. however, i also felt this is a fictional television character and to compare her with susan b. anthony was slightly ludicrous and not really a fair comparison. >> to have a hit show i think you have to have in most cases anyway a strong anchor and certainly calista as ally was that. what was the quality as the person casting the role that she brought to it that made it a slam dunk. >> she had to have an emotional depth. had to be funny and had to be dramatic. >> billy thomas passed away. he went quiet, quietly and peacefully. >> after billy die, of course, then you're faced, david, with bringing in somebody else as a
8:20 am
love interest and did i think masterfully with robert down in jr. at a time in all candor in his career and personal life when it was a bit of a risk, i think it's safe to say, right? >> uh-huh. >> to cast him. we have a clip of ally and robert downey jr.'s character arguing. huh? what? you don't like your hair during this period. >> good god. >> you said that i could never beat you. didn't he say that. >> he did. >> you really think i could never beat you? >> never? no, just not ever. >> and ally was -- you know, she was criticized for being self-absorbed and unabashedly self-absorbed actually but i always found her to be so authentic and imaginative and, you know, she didn't really have a sensor. >> sorry. >> hey, no, don't say you're
8:21 am
sorry when you're not sorry. you didn't even look up to see who you bumped into. what if i was an old lady. i could have fallen down and broken a hip and my lungs filling up with phlegm draining of my family of every last cent of my inheritance while i choked on my mukous. no, don't say you're sorry when you're not sorry. >> i think people liked that about her and wished they could be more like ally because she was sort of outspoken and said what she felt and she did have a lot of good friends and she was a good friend and it was like this great world to live in. anything could kind of go. >> a wonderful scene where georgia says what makes your problems -- >> bigger than everybody else's? >> they're mine. >> aw, the way it was. for more on the reunion go to and we are going to start counting down now to megastar carrie underwood performing live in just minutes.
8:22 am
come back. ♪ n cualquier lugar que let love blossom in bloom... the inviting new fragrance let your sensuality bloom exclusively for avon. contact your avon representative now. nothing.
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8:26 am
>> it is busy this morning on the roadways as we look here at the beltway. expect long delays between 95 and the rosedale area stretching all the way past delaney valley road. we're getting news of a new crash, so give yourself lots of extra time before you head out. the beltway is running slow, but no problems at the tunnels. another crash in the city at north avenue and also at liberty heights and rodgers avenue. there are still emergency crews on the scene of that crash there. expect long delays stretching pretty much from the beltway all the way past st. paul street a busy morning this morning for your rush hour. we'll be right back with the morning news update.
8:27 am
good morning. thank you for joining us. the controversy is growing this morning in baltimore city after city council approved a bill for pregnancy clinics that do not perform abortions to tell women by putting up signs. the bill would impose a $150 fine on four pregnancy centers that fail to postsigns saying they do not provide abortions or birth control. the bill was also amended to require the city health commissioner to notify the centers when there is a failure to postthe signs. the change would give the centers 10 days or more to
8:28 am
comply with the law before basing a fine. >> we already have signs in our waiting rooms that state those facts, so it is unnecessary. it is impugning our integrity and i consider it harassment. >> the bill is considered the first of the kind in the nation and now it goes before a city council for a november 16th preliminary vote which it could face more amendments. we'll keep you posted. >> hundreds of orthodox christians are still in morning this after a pate arc the spiritual leader of the world's orthodox christians visited annapolis last night. his big issue has been the environment which is why they call him the green pate arc. hundreds sang sons while holding candles. there was a celebration at the state capitol. >> i always prayed and hoped that i would see something like
8:29 am
this, especially in my own community, the annapolis community which i love very much. the pate arc will also meet with president obama, vice president biden, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and speaker of the house nancy pelosi. the orthodox church is the second largest christian community in the world after the roman catholic church. and we'rite out of time right now. we hope you'll join us for george maryland. if not, have a wonderful day and thank you for joining us on cbs 2.
8:30 am
♪ starting to see everything ♪ you put me through it ♪ do it ♪ you made me cry only tock me for a ride ♪ ♪ where you're going you put me through it ♪ ♪ i'm going do it >> from idea american idol" to country music phenom the gorgeous carrie underwood is with us this morning. good morning, america. i'm sam champion. diane sawyer, chris cuomo are in our times square studios. go ahead, let out a cheer. it's okay. i don't think it's good for you to hold that stuff in so let it
8:31 am
out whenever you want to. robin roberts is on her way here. we have lots of carrie this morning. we have moved uptown to the new beautiful lincoln center and have a lot of fun. first to some weather and the whole half hour started. this case you're stepping out your door one or two things we want you to know about. it is election day in a lot of big cities across the country. most of those will have good, calm, dry weather. there are small little weather disturbances cruising the northern lines there, the canadian border into the great lakes and also into northern new england. most of the southern parts of the country will get a chance to warm up nicely. look at dallas showing off at 73 degrees. atlanta, you're perfect at 68 and even into the deep south there will be scattered thunderstorms in south florida. miami will be one degree off a record today. looking at orlando at about 76
8:32 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by purina. any time i get a chance to stand next to carrie underwood, i will. mile high shoe, by the way. i don't know how you're going to do this. >> we've got music coming in just a moment. chris? >> really tall shoes or, sam, you're just not that tall. could be either of those. all right. this morning, we have a message for you. times are tough. we all know that. the economy did brings many of us to our knees. what are we supposed to do about it? joel osteen says you have to realize that this could be your time. it could be the best time of your life. and ha is the central message of his new book "it's your time." activate your faith, achieve your dreams and increase in god's favor. it's good to have you with us this morning, joel. >> thank you. >> things are difficult. people are trying to find a way through it. you say this book is a good way to look at things. it's your time. what is the message?
8:33 am
>> the message in the book, chris, is that in difficult times we're not supposed to quit believing. we're not supposed to quit growing. it seems like what i've seen through the different travels is with so much negative news, with the economy, with the swine flu, with the wars, people just kind of put their lives on hold and their dreams on hold, but i believe it's in these difficult times you cannot only grow but when you release your faith, when you expect good things that's when god can do great things in your life so the message is don't put it on hold. let's believe not to just survive but even thrive. >> how do you balance the promise that god will provide with the realities of the suffering and failure so that if somebody says, okay, god will do the right thing by me, great, then it doesn't happen. how do you reconcile? >> i think, chris, god is sovereign. sometimes god takes us through detours. you see some of the stories in the bible of joseph and job and, you know, they got to their destiny but joseph went through 13 years of difficult times so my thing is just god arms you
8:34 am
with strength for every battle. if you get up in the morning and be grateful and say, god, it may be difficult but i believe you're in control of my life that you're gierding me, you keep that attitude of faith that's what allows god to work and plus you'll enjoy life more. >> enjoyment is good especially when times are bad. >> it really is. i believe every day is a gift that god has given us. god never promised every day is perfect but i believe we can make it perfect by having the right attitude and seeing the right and not the wrong in our life >> how about the focus on the individual? when you read through the book, many of your books, it's that focus on yourself. here's how you make yourself better? what about the shift to the collective is what the christian message is supposed to be about. don't worry about yourself. get your head out of your own life. worry about others more. that's not in here as much. >> not as much but i believe, chris, you have to first love yourself before you can properly love your neighbor. and, you know, like the scripture says, i think that in a lot of my message is focusing on how to improve your self-esteem. how you can know you have value
8:35 am
before god that you're a person of purpose and destiny and not go around and feeling like i'm one of the billions of people in the world. i don't know why i'm here. i think you can't love others properly. >> what do you make of the idea that you have huge crowds that come to watch you on television, on the internet, anywhere that you go. that that is explained by some critics as, well, he makes it easy. he makes it easy for you to believe when faith is hard joel is telling you this is easy. >> i think faith is easy. i think people complicate it and, you know, i think when jesus was here on the earth he told simple stories, he made it easy for people to believe, so i like to, you know, my message is simple. god is good. he's on your side. when you trust him and believe in him, you can overcome obstacles and be who he's created you to be so i don't want to complicate the message. it's not who i am, but, you know what, that doesn't bother me because i want to -- i want to give every person the hope to believe. >> without avoiding what jesus often said in his message about
8:36 am
embracing the suffering in life. >> i think it is. the scripture says in life you will have difficulties. jesus said it but he said be of good cheer. apostle paul had a lot of tough things in his life but said i have learned how to be content when i have a lot and when i have a little. that's what we have to do. this is a difficult season but i won't be bitter today and go around angry or blaming god or somebody else, i'm going to say like david this is another day that god has given me. i'm going to rejoice and be glad. >> positive energy certainly a lot of people looking forward. joel osteen, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. if you want to read an excerpt from his latest book "it's your time" go to when we come back, country music superstar carrie underwood and sam champion, both performing live. love to save?
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♪ you made me happy you made me cry ♪ ♪ took me for a ride >> 10 million records, 4 grammys. the best female performance this year. >> that's right. but wait, there's more. play on, her brand-new album. carrie underwood and this is a song that will be in your head all day long. carrie underwood and "cowboy casanova.
8:40 am
>> come on. ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ you better take it from me that boy is like a disease ♪ ♪ you're running you're trying you're trying to hide it and you're wondering why you can't get free ♪ ♪ he's like a curse he's like a drug ♪ ♪ you get addicted to his love ♪ you wanna get out but he's hold you down 'cause you can't live without one more touch ♪ ♪ he's a good time cowboy ca
8:41 am
casanova leaning up against the record machine ♪ ♪ looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery ♪ ♪ he's the devil in disguise a snake with blue eyes ♪ ♪ and he only comes out at night ♪ ♪ gives you feelings that you don't want to fight you better run for your life ♪ ♪ oh oh ♪ oh oh ♪ i see that look on your face you ain't hearing what i say ♪ ♪ so i'll say it again 'cause i know where you been and i know how it ends ♪ ♪ you can't get away hey don't even look in his eyes ♪ ♪ he'll tell you nothing but
8:42 am
lies and you wanna believe but you won't be deceived if you listen to me and take my advice ♪ ♪ he's a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine ♪ ♪ looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery ♪ ♪ he's the devil in disguise a snake with blue eyes ♪ ♪ and he only comes out at night gives you feelings that you don't want to fight ♪ ♪ you better run for your life ♪ ♪ run run away don't let him mess with your mind ♪
8:43 am
♪ he'll tell you anything you want to hear he'll break your heart ♪ ♪ it's just a matter of time but just remember ♪ ♪ he's a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine ♪ ♪ looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery ♪ ♪ he's the devil in disguise a snake with blue eyes ♪ ♪ and he only comes out at night gives you feelings that you don't want to fight ♪ ♪ you better run for your life oh oh ♪ ♪ oh you better run for your life oh oh ♪ ♪ oh you better run for your life ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
and in the spotlight this morning is carrie underwood. "cowboy casanova," "play on" in stores right now. talk a little before you sing for us. i had the pleasure of spending time with you in oklahoma. your hometown and was there at your high school when the academy of country music and your foundation, teamed up. over $100,000 worth of musical instruments to the kids. that was a special time. >> it really was. that whole day was just awesome. all the way around. got to do something good and got to show you where i grew up. >> that little girl came on the stage. you should have seen her. she let somebody come on stage. she grabbed the mike and was going to town. >> she made me look bad. >> no, she didn't. no, she did not. finally here you've written a number of the songs on "play on." >> over half the album. i'm really proud of it. yeah.
8:48 am
>> thank you. so sweet. >> burning those fingers off so what do we find out about you in the album? what do the fans find out? >> i definitely think as far as my writing goes, i kind of open myself up a lot more than i normally have. i'm a pretty quiet private person and it's hard for me to share with others. i think i manage to do that more on this album and songs i picked were all over the place. it's great. so versatile. something for everybody so -- >> it's still sassy. >> sassy. >> got to have a little sassy. >> want to hear one of her songs. wrote a grammy for, huh? come on. do you? >> i love this song. "last name." ♪ ♪ last night i got served a
8:49 am
little bit too much of that poison baby ♪ ♪ last night i did things i'm not proud of ♪ ♪ i got a little crazy last night i met a guy on the dance floor and i let him call me baby ♪ ♪ and i don't even know his last name my momma would be so ashamed ♪ ♪ it started off hey cutie where you from and then it turned into oh no what have i done ♪ ♪ and i don't even know his last name ♪ ♪ we left the club right around 3:00 in the morning ♪ ♪ his pinto sitting there in the parking lot well it should have been a warning ♪ ♪ i had no clue what i was
8:50 am
getting into so i'll blame it on the cuervo ♪ ♪ oh where did my manners go ♪ and i don't even know his last name oh my momma would be so ashamed ♪ ♪ it started off hey cutie where you from and then it turned into oh no what have i done ♪ ♪ and i don't even know his last name ♪ ♪ oh here we go ♪ ♪ today i woke up thinking about elvis somewhere in vegas i'm not sure how i got here ♪ ♪ or how this ring on my left hand just appeared out of
8:51 am
nowhere ♪ ♪ i got to go take the chips and the pinto and hit the road ♪ ♪ they say what happens here stays here all of this will disappear there's just one little problem ♪ ♪ i don't even know my last name oh my momma would be so ashamed ♪ ♪ it started off hey cutie where you from and then it turned into oh no what have i done ♪ ♪ and i don't even know my last name what have i done ♪ ♪ what have i done what have i done ♪ ♪ oh what have i done i don't even know my last name ♪ ♪ well it turned into oh no what have i done and i don't even know my last name ♪
8:52 am
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and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. ♪ you better take it from me >> can't think of a better way to start our tuesday morning. once again, please thank carrie underwood for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> speaking of all this, we want to announce a special section on our website at, "gma," it's in the spotlight with robin roberts, by the way, which is next week. c c carrespect ie is a part of that. our special section on the website. >> go to chetowah, oklahoma with
8:56 am
us. a week from now, "in the spotlight." >> thanks for having us again. >> spent so much time with her lately. my bff. have a great day, everyone. >> have a great morning.
8:57 am
a nice day shaping up. it is november. by november standers it will be a nice day. 48 bell air. mostly sunny skies. we are clear. we have a cold front that's going to come through with clouds leading into the forecast. forecast model indicating that's the leading edge of colder air. today 61 degrees. clouds thicking up in this afternoon. more clouds tomorrow after reaching a high temperature of 54. now a check on the roads. traveling on the beltway can be class fied as no fun at all. as we look at the outer loop
8:58 am
expect those delays back from 795 past wilkins avenue. delays on the other side of the screen start at baltimore national pike stretching through to 83. part of that is in due to a crash involving a bus on the inner loop. that blocks the right lane this morning. crash northbound i-95 before washington boulevard. northbound i-95 in hartford county at river side parkway crash has been moved to the right shoulder. delays stretch from 695 past st. paul street. give yourself lots of time. we have heavy volume around the area. we'll be right back with "good morning maryland." it starts at 9:00.
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